Blue wool witch ocre velvet Kapsjaal 


Stories, goldleaf with resin combinated with anciens words

Stay Safe Stay Stylish blue garden mouth mask 

Fingerprints in gold on MagnifiCents

Blue nature summer kapsjaal

Redrost cooked wool en velvet kapsjaal

Stay Safe, Stay Stylish red en white 

4 in one collection

Stories, i haven't told you

4 in 1 collection, gold/red

Black golden yellow reversable bag

Circle scarf 

Magnificents, handmade, upcycled, earrings

MagnifiCent, een koperen centje met een laagje emaille, gebakken op 850 graden. Anti-allergisch en nikkelvrij

Nachtlampje met veren en led licht. 

Circle scarf nature pink 

4 in one collection, hand;ade, gold plated, enamel

Four in one colection, goldleaf and enamel

Sea glass in a resin ring,

Led light with sea urchins.

Magnificents, handmade, upcycled, earrings

An upcycled eurocent, finished with hot enamel (850 degree) 
Anti-allergic and nikkelfree

earrings, silverplated, dry leaf,

Earring made from a natural leaf,  silver plated and finished with resin. Anti-allergic en nikkel free. 

upcycling jewelry, plates, porselein,

Wedgewood collection, made out from a dish. 

Stories, hqndmade jewelry, copper

Stories ... handmade in Antwerp

Stories to tell.... Ring in Epoxy

magnificents, jewelry, handmade, upcycled

Magnificent, navy blue with golden glitter

kapsjaal, jonathan vandegaer

Kapsjaal in wool 

kapsjaal jonathan vandegaer

Kapsjaal, cotton and wool

Gold plated flowers in resin.


Jewelry beetle wings and gold plated earrings

bags, handmade,  handmade in antwerp

Digitally prined velvet bag

MagnifiCent , Jewelry , upcycled

MagnifiCent with forget me not flower